The Key to Elevating Marketing

The Key to elevating marketing

The key to elevating marketing is the gateway to successful marketing. Marketing isn’t that tough the way we take it. It’s the game of knowing some tricks and implementing them as they are to be. 

“Do the right thing as a marketer to build trust”. Building trust! Many of you must be thinking that it’s quite difficult as well as impossible and in the marketing field, it will surely give a tough time. 

At this, I would suggest you, calm down and hold on to your thoughts. Quoting my experience to make it easy, I am a blogger as well as a marketer. At the instant, I also faced many hassles but the secret keys I’m going to share will surely prevent you from facing such difficulties.

5 C’s of Marketing

As we all know very well that behind every successfully achieved goal/target, there are some efforts as well as tips and tricks. So for an effective marketing career, some basic rules or tricks are kept in view, which is known as the 5 C’s of Marketing. The key to elevating the marketing is an honest guideline to form the proper decisions and construct a well-defined marketing plan and strategy. As a good guideline for marketing strategies, the key to elevating marketing mnemonic consists of five terms, and it typically includes:





Context or Climate

Now, it’s time to take a look at the first key to elevate marketing.

The first C: Company

The first most important factor of the key to elevating marketing is “Company”. When talking about the company, initiate your stance by considering the following questions related to your own business:

Questions to Elevating Marketing

  • What is your company or brands motive?
  • Also, what sort of work company offers? Does the work offered is worthy?
  • Is your company/brand or its work in demand in the market?
  • What competitive advantage does your company have?
  • What makes your company/brand unique? 
  • How do customers view and respond to your business?
  • What does your business/brand do better than others?
  • Is there anything about your business/brand which is not worthy?
  • What benefits your company offers? And many more.

In case if you do not find yourself answerable to these questions, then it’s better to start with a simpler SWOT analysis. It will surely help you out in some ways to analysis about your company/brand.

Also, make sure while making this analysis honest, especially about weak points of your company/brand. If at some points you feel that your idea about some question is different from the information giving then consider that idea too. It will be an effective way to create both short- and long-term goals for your company.

Indeed, here the main objective is to determine, “Whether the company is in the best position to meet customer needs?”

After that, now let’s proceed towards the second key to elevate marketing.

The second C: Customer

After the company, the most important key to elevating marketing for any business/company/brand is the “Customers”. The one who purchase your products. Having customers and delivering products they want to buy (and keep buying) can only be effective when you have a strong sense of the type of customers, their needs, and in what ways your product meets their requirements.

It will also prepare you for your marketing skills and efforts. Not only you will be promoting your products to the right audience, but you’ll also know what language and imagery resonate with your potential customers. After all this, the most important factor is customer analysis just like the one did for the company. Customer analysis will help you in knowing about your product as well as the business. This all will happen upon customer likes and dislikes for your company’s or brand product or whatever your company/brand is offering. Begin your customer analysis by asking the following questions:

Questions to Elevating Marketing

  • What does the ideal customer(s) look like for your products or whatever your company is offering?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Who is currently purchasing your products or being part of your company’s plan offered?
  • What sorts of products are sold most/least frequently or what sort of plans do your company offer?
  • Which of your products or plan have very good reviews? Poor reviews? No reviews?
  • How are the customers finding your site or products?
  • Is your overall audience growing or shrinking?
  • How many repeat purchases do the customers make? How important are repeat purchases for your business model?
  • What promotions or campaigns have been most effective in driving sales in the past?
  • Is there seasonality or trends in customer purchases?
  • Do customers do careful research before purchasing, or do they impulse buy?
  • What motivates the customers to purchase? (Price, quality, convenience, unique product benefit, etc.)
  • Where does the customer go to get more information about my products or site?
  • What are your channels of communication with the customers?
  • What sources of customer feedback do your company have available?
  • How do the customers behave on your website? Which pages do they visit most often?
  • What is the most common customer complaint or an issue?
  • What is the most common praise or positive feedback?
  • If you could only tell the customers one thing about your business, what would it be?
  • What sort of things do the customers find most interesting? Least interesting?

The only main purpose of these questions is to get to know about the mindset, demand, behaviours, and underlying motivations of the customer. the most difficult and important part of marketing is cracking that puzzle to truly understand the customer. With all this, you get the answers to your questions based on customer analysis. Also, don’t forget to revise the customer analysis of your site as it helps you to learn more about them or as your target audience changes. And all the mentioned above about customer is helpful for better marketing communication.

Likewise the second one, now let’s look up the third key to elevate marketing.

The third C: Competitor

Understanding your competitors is also another important key to elevating marketing as understanding your company and customers. You should be vigilant about your competitors who compete. Consider the questions mentioned below about your competitors and then answer them:

Questions to Elevating Marketing

  • What do your competitors offer that your company don’t?
  • What are your competitor’s biggest strengths?
  • Who are your direct competitors?
  • What are your competitor’s biggest weaknesses? (Hint – check their product and company reviews)
  • What strategies are your competitors using to gain customers?
  • Is there anything that your competitors are doing that you or your company cannot?
  • What audiences are your competitors targeting?
  • What sort of content is each competitor producing?
  • Which are your sites established competitors? Which are new or emerging competitors?
  • What sort of social media presence does each competitor have?

To compete with your competitors it is essential to know about your competitor’s overall market position, strengths, and weaknesses because this will give you a huge advantage but if you are unaware of these things of your competitor then you can’t compete effectively, You’ll probably need to focus on companies similar in size to your own, but it’s OK if your competitors are larger or better-established than you, it’s not that much big matter. Sometimes smaller companies have several advantages over larger companies. Since they aren’t run by committee or beholden to stakeholders.

As Sun Tzu says, “If you know the enemy and you know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” Rather than trying to go toe-to-toe with larger competitors on the things they’re best at, look for weaknesses, gaps, and other opportunities. The key to beating a larger competitor is to focus on small, attainable wins, and let those accumulate over time. Also, beware as well as aware of every activity of your competitor.

Similarly, now take a look at who’s in your corner, let’s move towards the fourth key to elevate marketing.

The fourth C: Collaborator

While talking about the key to elevating marketing, saying it would be wrong that collaborators are also an asset of any business or company. Keeping this fact in view, list out any person or service that your company works with to operate in this section as they also play a vital role in more innovation, efficient processes, increased success, and improved communication for any company or brand.

So, here are some questions to ask and examples of the collaborators that businesses work with most commonly:

Questions to Elevating Marketing

  • Who runs the daily operations of the company?
  • Does your site/company/brand have a partner that helps run the company?
  • Who creates or supplies the products your site/company/brand sell?
  • Who is the shipping provider of your site/company/brand? If any
  • Who processes your site/company/brand credit card payments?
  • Does your site/company/brand have investors or stakeholders?
  • Who provides your site/company/brand eCommerce platform?
  • Who handles your site/company/brand inventory or warehouse operations?
  • Is there anyone who helped in creating your site/company/brand?
  • Does your site/company/brand have anyone for writing product descriptions, articles, or other copies?
  • Who did your site/company/brand register my domain with?
  • Does your site/company/brand have anyone helping you with marketing or advertising?
  • Does your site/company/brand have anyone for distributing or selling products available at your site?
  • Is there anyone else with whom your site/company/brand work regularly?
  • Does your site/company/brand have someone who runs your social media accounts?
  • Does your site/company/brand work with any freelancers or contractors?

After going through the collaborator’s section, you’ll realize that it takes more people (or services) to run your business than you. Listing all of your collaborators will help you keep track of who is responsible for what. It also gives you a place to start when you’re looking to make your business more productive or efficient. So, construct a well-defined plan.

At last but not least, comes the fifth key to elevating marketing.

The fifth C: Climate or Context

The analysis of climate is also an important key to elevate marketing and is usually mentioned as PEST analysis which can be divided into four areas, i.e.Political analysis. Social analysis, Economic analysis, Technological Factors.

When looking at the climate, focus on factors external to your own business that may affect how you operate. Also, ask yourself the following questions:

Questions to Elevating Marketing

  • Are there viewpoints that could be deemed controversial, insensitive, or unpopular?
  • Has the economy changed? If so, how will this influence your customers’ buying habits?
  • Are there any new or proposed laws or regulations that may affect your business? If so, how can you plan to address them?
  • Are there any social trends that may affect the things that people buy or the way people buy them? If so, then how?
  • In addition to this, are there any new or emerging technologies that may change the way my customers act or the way my business operates?
  • What sorts of things or opinions are becoming popular or unpopular?

Although working on these questions won’t help you or make you predict the future but generally help you sense the market trends. you are trying to get a general sense of where the market is headed. 

The climate analysis is done to look beyond yourself to get a better understanding of the whole ecosystem in which your company participates. So to be safe from all this one-time analysis isn’t enough. Do as much analysis as you can to make your site/company/brand’s position strong in all terms.

The key to Elevating Marketing Example

Ending up this blog “The key to elevating marketing” with an example won’t be something bad at all but will surely be beneficial for your knowledge and understanding. So here’s the example of the world’s leading brand “Apple” in terms of 5 C’s. It will also help you in answering the questions mentioned above.

The key to Elevating Marketing Example of Apple

Apple Company

Apple is a multinational tech company. Here you should study its strengths and weaknesses to understand what kinds of issues the company facing. Apple, Mac, TV, Music, iPhone, and iPad are some of the main products of competitors, Also, these products have given the company a competitive edge.

Apple Customers

According to an estimate, Apple has approximately 1.4 billion active users and roundabout 1 billion customers across the world. The company has a very loyal database of customers and they always prefer Apple’s products when they go out shopping.

Apple Competitors

HP, Huawei, Samsung, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, DELL, Lenovo, and Acer are some of the main competitors of Apple in different industries.

Apple Collaborators

Knowing that Apple is a global brand operating its business worldwide, therefore, the company has to rely on many collaborators to run its business operating worldwide. Murata in Japan, Qorvo in the US, Luxshare in China, NXP in Netherland, and Foxconn in Taiwan are some of the main collaborators of Apple worldwide.

Apple Climate

Apple has to deal with worldwide political, economical, social, technological, legal, and environmental factors. The regulations, laws, trade tariffs, taxes, customer trends, and many other external issues impact the company.


Surely after reading this blog about “The key to elevating marketing”, you will get to know about the internal and external business environment. Also the benefits associate with this approach in a better and effective way. The key to elevating marketing will also enable you to perform an overall checkup of your organization and understand your customers, collaborators, competitors, company, and climate. So utilize these 5 C’s wisely

Your comments will surely be beneficial in making this content more effective just like always if there is any such need.

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