How To Generate Your Affiliate Link

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“So…how do I generate my affiliate link on EpicEarn?”

  1. Firstly you will want to go to the Marketplace tab.

  2. You will then see a number of products you can search through to find a product that fits what you are looking to promote.

  3. To check out what the product/service is!, just click on the name of that product/service and then you will be able to see the particular details for that product/service.
  4. To generate your affiliate link, right click on the button called [COPY THIS LINK] and then copy that link.

  5. Now you will want to go to the Link Generator tab.

  6. Go to the Link Generator section, And paste the link you copied in the Specific Website Page to generate your referral link and then click on Generate Link Button.

  7. Now you got your affiliate link which you will use to promote that product you chose to promote.

  8. That’s it.

“Ok…so how do I start making money now?”

Yep, we know that’s why you are here.
Getting started as an affiliate can feel a bit overwhelming.
You may feel like a “nobody” at first.
But, remember that everyone started out that way.
All you need’s a little bit of guidance.
So, we have created a Free Training Series to help get you started!

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This is an easy , quick how-to on one among the absolute best ways to begin making a reputation for yourself in the EpicEarn Community.
As you’ll determine , a number of the massive launches that happen on EpicEarn are limited to affiliates who have already made a particular amount of sales.

Don’t worry. We’ll show you exactly the way to make your first sales so you’ll eventually be a part of the massive launches also .

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We promise it’s really simple and you’ll feel like we gave away a valuable secret. But, the reality is that we wish to provide you each possible tool we can to guide to your success.

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