Frequently Asked Questions

EpicEarn is a multitasking affiliate platform with its 3 golden mottoes “Create. Share. Profit”. It allows you to generate passive income with the most convenient methods which are

Team Making:
Get people to join through your referral link to make a team.

Selling Digital Products:
Sell the products with your referral link on the different social media platforms so that you can receive your earning when the product is purchased.

Creating an account on EpicEarn is quite simple. All you need is to signup for the account, deposit Account activation charges Rs. 30$ or 5000 pkr (Refundable), fill the registration form after deposition of the charges and receiving Tid No. or code and successfully get access to your EpicEarn account.

No, there is no investment needed but account activation charges which are refundable.

Account activation charges are just 30$ or 5000 pkr (Refundable).

The best thing EpicEarn offers to its users and non-users is to create multiple accounts to make incremental earnings.

Right after fulfilling the condition mentioned in the refund request form, you can withdraw your account activation charges.

Out of other earning sites, EpicEarn is most preferable because it gives you the most convenient and wide opportunities to make your earnings. And the incredible thing is you won’t need any experience to start working here. It is not restricted to anyone.

Being an EpicEarner is not complicated – even for a newbie. Initiation and training assure that you attain the necessary competencies to use the workplace interface. All workflows are designed to be very user-friendly. For many tasks no special or formal qualifications are necessary. This Works Even If You’re A Brand-Spanking Newbie With No Skills, No Website And No Experience! Almost anyone can participate.

You receive your payments weekly (every Saturday) through the payment method you have selected i.e JazzCash, Easypaisa or any other method mentioned in payout details. Just make sure that your payment method is verified else you will not be able to receive your payment.
There are 4 methods to pay account activation charges
– Using JazzCash
– Using EasyPaisa
– Using Payoneer
– Using Bank accounts
Details about mentioned above payment methods are available on the checkout page.

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