Importance of Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing also known as performance based marketing is one of the easiest and simplest methods to earn thousands of dollars with every tick of the clock.

As everyone knows, now this is the era of the digital world and in this digital world everything is done online. Every individual better have the knowledge about the scope of work done online which includes online businesses also. Keeping in view online businesses, affiliate marketing is very helpful for those people who want to earn online. It includes some of the steps which are compulsory for online earning like creating a website or working on an online website, working on many blogs and many more to do.

Let’s discuss it in more detail. Affiliate marketing is the innovative source for making income. You can earn as much as you can or you want. There isn’t any restriction.

Now let’s have a look on the working done in affiliate marketing.

Many companies run affiliate programs so that they can sell their products on a large scale to spread their business worldwide as much as possible. Any of the affiliate who recommends or promotes it through their blog or website, at the sale of that product the company pays the commission to that person. Through this the worker who works and the company who pays, get much benefit. There are millions of affiliate marketing sites. Become part of any of the websites and start making your passive income.

All you need is that you must have a lot of traffic. Massive traffic will get you massive income.

You all must be thinking how to generate traffic. It’s simple. Let’s have a brief discussion on it.

  • By making credible and satisfying videos
  • Having convincing conversation
  • By making advertisement posters
  • By writing impressive articles/blogs

Go find out what people are buying. If you go where the money already is, you get a better chance to earn more quickly and easily and we guarantee that if something is making you money, you’ll get pretty passionate about it.

I hope that you have clearly understood what we have discussed above. Still if there is any sort of confusion or query, you are free to ask in the comment section. It would be a pleasure for us to help you.


How to sell a digital product using YouTube?

Digital products are the sauce for transformation, well said. Presently the question raises, what is a digital product?

Digital products are non-physical objects/tools used for online communication. These tools play a vital role in our daily life and are need of the hour. Digital products have made our life most convenient. Working without these tools is like a hard nut to crack. Now let’s come to the point how can we utilize them? There are several ways and one of them is to earn through these objects.

But how? Simple, you can sell out these tools using social media platforms. If the digital product is king, social media is the king’s podium. What you have to do is to define a strategy for each of them as different platforms have different strategies and advantages. Then do some researches to maximize your strategies and in the end, its time to sell out the product, and for this YouTube is the best platform. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. It offers an incredible opportunity to digital product sellers to sell their products and when it comes down to selling your digital content on YouTube, it requires two steps:

  1. Getting people interested in the specific product you’re selling through your video content.
  2. Driving traffic to your YouTube channel.

Your video will only be considered or viewed when you are going to have a vast audience or traffic and to have huge traffic on your channel is not difficult at all. Add your page or product links in the description & comments. Advertise your channel etc.

Besides all these, is to work with consistency, patience, and devotion. Nowadays using social media for any purpose is as easy as ABC. It’s just one click away and you will have the whole world in your pocket. But the most important, use it wisely.


4 simple steps for making passive income from home during the coronavirus crisis.

The coronavirus pandemic is developing quickly and as more and more countries close up schools, public services, and more, plenty of individuals are finding themselves stranded at home with little to do but worry.

But within the middle of the COVID-19 [ coronavirus ] panic, there’s a bunch of work-from-home entrepreneurs that are largely unaffected. They don’t fear to lose their jobs, their income isn’t at risk and that they are already working from home, therefore the prospect of quarantine and shutdowns, just about still means business as usual.

Maybe you have been quarantined, maybe your school or workspace has closed down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

If you discover yourself with some additional time on hand… it’d be a decent idea to take a cue from these online entrepreneurs and use your time productively.

Building up a second stream of income can never hurt. It’s always nice to possess an extra safety net for yourself and your loved ones… especially right away, as we still don’t know exactly how bad the case will become.

The absolutely simplest way to begin earning an additional income online is to become an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing means you get paid a commission whenever you refer a purchase to a merchant.

You don’t need to worry about creating products, managing stock, doing customer support or anything like that. you simply grab your special affiliate link, share it and you’ll automatically get paid when someone buys from your link.

So how do you get started?

Here are the 4 steps you can take today, to quickly start earning affiliate commissions from the comfort of your own home.

  1. Join for free.

    First, you need to join an affiliate network. EpicEarn is 100% free to join and use for affiliates and you get instant access to thousands of top-selling digital products you’ll promote. They even have a number of the most effective paying affiliate programs and your affiliate commissions will usually be within the 50% – 100% range.

    Making Passive Income From Home During Corona Virus Crisis

  2. Start a blog.

    The easiest way to start a blog is to grab a free one at We recommend that you just start out with blogging as it’s the best way for beginners to begin generating traffic to their affiliate links… and because plenty of the other “getting started” information you will find also involves blogging.

    Making Passive Income From Home During Corona Virus Crisis

  3. Find products to promote.

    Browse the EpicEarn marketplace and find products you’d wish to promote. Take your time and have a decent investigation of the many options available to you. Consider purchasing one product that appears helpful and interesting to you. Learn from the product and use it because of the base for the next step.

  4. Document your journey… and profit!

    Use your new blog to post about your life as an affiliate marketer. Do daily journal-style posts musing about what you’re doing, why, and how. mention your challenges and your triumphs. you may also review the products you bought and make posts about how you’re using it and the way it’s helping you. Include affiliate links in your posts, so you’ll earn commissions when people buy anything after reading your blog

    Your blog posts will soon start getting search engine traffic and you can boost your traffic a lot if you also share your posts on social media… and don’t be afraid to do so, many people are in the same boat as you and would find your journey both interesting and inspiring.

    Making Passive Income From Home During Corona Virus Crisis

    That’s it… it’s really that easy to get started earning an additional income as an affiliate marketer. Everything will be done for free as you’re starting out. Head over to to make your free account and get started today. And remember to remain safe and take the correct action during this coronavirus pandemic, EpicEarn is here for you.

Affiliate Marketing When You’re A Beginner – Crucial Steps

Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online and probably most of the people use this way to earn a passive income from home. Why?

It’s Because…

1. You don’t have to build a website
2. You don’t have to create your own products
3. You don’t have to do any product updates or changes
4. You don’t have to spend any money on advertisements
5. You don’t have to do any customer support for products sold

Now, these are just a couple of reasons, but they’re important ones because repeatedly people just starting out don’t really skill to do any of these things listed. Affiliate marketing really boils down to getting a link that shows you’re the one who referred a purchase and taking your percentage of that sale as a commission. So, let’s examine a number of steps you can take to get your affiliate marketing journey getting in the proper direction!

First, you’re getting to want to pick a neighborhood of data that you simply want to focus on. Repeatedly you hear people say “go with what you’re passionate about” because you have already got an honest idea for the information you’ll put out. That’s not always the simplest advice and instead, say “go determined what people are buying.” If you go where the cash already is, you stand a far better chance and that we guarantee that if something is making you money, you’ll get pretty hooked into it real quick.

So how does one know what’s selling? a method is to log into EpicEarn and attend the “Market” page. There you’ll see the conversion rates and the number of sales that every product has from the time it had been released. Now, just a touch caveat here. Simply because something features a high conversion rate, doesn’t always mean it’s getting to be the perfect product to market. You’ll want to see the refund rate percentage, how long it’s been around, if it’s still a viable product (if it’s been updated and still functions properly) and if you think that you’ll understand what it’s doing well enough to provide some information on it.

Once you’ve picked one out, you would like to go ahead and request to be ready to promote the merchandise. You’ll have an affiliate link that will credit you with a percentage of every sale for each customer you send through that link who purchases the merchandise.

Now you would like to make a decision on how you propose to market this product so as to start out getting some traffic flowing through your link. There’s a spread of the way you’ll do that without spending a dime of your own money.

1. Video Reviews

Video reviews are fantastic ways of getting your information and link to potential buyers. There are multiple ways to try to review, but there’s one that sometimes works the simplest. If you really purchase the merchandise yourself, you’ll then undergo it on video and show a number of the items inside it. Obviously you don’t want to point out an excessive amount of as that wouldn’t be fair to the seller selling the merchandise, but there’s nothing wrong with doing a review of what you bought and letting them realize it. This instantly inserts more trust in you from the visitor because you’re not just “talking” about something, you really have it and spend your own money to urge it. Be honest in your review, it’ll assist you to build a reputation as someone who’s trustworthy and other people will begin to return back and watch your other videos because they know you’re giving them the reality.

You don’t need to buy the merchandise. this is often just the way that works the simplest. Almost every product has what’s called a “JV” page. you’ll find information on those pages that relates to the merchandise itself and most times you’ll create a pleasant review just from the knowledge you discover there. It’s not as powerful as having the particular product ahead of you, but it still works nonetheless. If you can’t find a JV page for the merchandise, simply contact the merchandise owner and that they will usually be ready to point you in the right direction.

2. Review Blog

Don’t like the aged video? No problem (even though you should). you’ll create a review blog where you undergo and review things in the text. While the simplest thanks to doing that are to urge a hosting account and install WordPress, there also are places you’ll do that free of charge. may be a free option where you’ll do that.

3. Social Media

Social media lately is all the craze and typically generates the bulk of traffic unless you’re paying for ads. It costs nothing to make a social media account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, et al. you’ll then create your information there and send the potential traffic to either your blog or video.

4. Build an inventory

If you’re quite a couple of weeks into your marketing journey, you’ve probably heard “build a list” about 100 times. This one costs money, but if you’re getting to survive online, you’re getting to need to roll in the hay at some point. the rationale is often so important and doubtless, the simplest method of all is you’ve got direct contact with people that have already shown an interest in doing business with you. So whenever you are doing a replacement review, you merely send an email saying “Hey, I’ve done a replacement review on XX product and you’ll check it out here.” You drop your link and that they continue to the sales page and hopefully purchase which provides you a commission. This method does cost money, but not tons. you merely pay an autoresponder service like GetResponse a little monthly fee for housing your list. you’ll get a free trial here.

These are just a couple of the way to urge started in affiliate marketing that won’t break the bank and may begin to get some income for you. the most thing is to be consistent and not quit! It’s those who persist with it that always find success.


How To Promote EpicEarn Products

Let’s talk about what NOT to do with your affiliate link.

  1. Never send your affiliate link to someone who has not given you permission to do so.
    We know you want to make money, but honestly… if you’ve ever done that before, how did it work for you?
    You probably got told off, unfriended, reported for sending SPAM and/or blocked.
    People don’t make purchases from people who randomly send affiliate links through messages, emails, texts, etc.
    They buy from people who they know, like & trust.
  2. Don’t flood your social media channels with your affiliate link.
    Again, this goes back to being ‘spammy’ and it’s one of the reasons EpicEarn links are often blocked by Facebook sometimes or require authentication through a reCAPTCHA test.
    People don’t visit social media to see ads. They go to interact with their family and friends.
    That’s why it’s called ‘social’ media, not ‘ad’ media.
    And while social media is a great way to generate referrals & build your business, it must be done correctly.
    Invest in the training that will help you advertise correctly on social media and it can do great things for your business.
  3. Avoid putting your affiliate link on traffic exchanges.
    Yes, they are still around and people are still using them. But, they aren’t a very good place to drive traffic to your affiliate link.
    One reason is that the people ‘surfing’ other sites are simply not interested in your offer. They’re there for the same reason you are – to get traffic & referrals.
    They’re busy looking at a timer, not your page.
    Another reason is that it could hurt the Seller’s site rankings.
    A flood of traffic from a single domain with very short visits will result in a super-high bounce rate.

These are just a few of the things you should NOT do with your affiliate link. Not just because they don’t work, but because doing so may refer to your affiliate status for that product to be revoked by the seller.

EpicEarn Sellers want only the best affiliates promoting their product, who send high-quality, targeted traffic to their sales pages.

So, how DO you do that?

Glad you asked!

Here are some great ideas on how to promote EpicEarn products like an affiliate marketing pro:

  1. Build a list and send them promotional emails.
    We can’t stress enough how important it is to have an email list.
    Email marketing is extremely powerful and is one of the most lucrative things you can use for your affiliate marketing business.
    Our most successful EpicEarn Users have spent a great deal of time and effort in building their lists and use them to generate recurring revenue with affiliate offers.
  2. Create a blog.
    There are SO many ways to use a blog for generating affiliate marketing revenue.  
    Create content that is geared towards your chosen niche and use SEO to increase your site’s rankings & drive traffic.
    Share individual posts, such as product reviews, on social media that include your affiliate links.
    Put a referral capture form on your blog to collect subscribers and send them an email about affiliate products.
    Your blog is a great place to place quality content that includes your affiliate link.
  3. Create a video review & put your link in the description.
    Videos are a great way to promote your affiliate products!
    In fact, YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day and has over a billion users.
    That’s a pretty powerful platform to use for generating targeted traffic to your affiliate offer!
  4. Create a referral capture page & redirect your opt-ins to your affiliate link.
    Don’t have a blog yet? No problem!
    Most autoresponders allow you to create a simple referral capture page that is hosted by their service.
    This allows you to build your email list without even having a website or blog.

These suggestions for promoting EpicEarn products correctly all have one thing in common.

Did you catch it?

They all help you establish authority in your niche and increase the know/like/trust factor when it comes to your potential customers.

And, that’s really the key to becoming an affiliate marketing pro.


How To Generate Your Affiliate Link

“So…how do I generate my affiliate link on EpicEarn?”

  1. Firstly you will want to go to the Marketplace tab.

  2. You will then see a number of products you can search through to find a product that fits what you are looking to promote.

  3. To check out what the product/service is!, just click on the name of that product/service and then you will be able to see the particular details for that product/service.
  4. To generate your affiliate link, right click on the button called [COPY THIS LINK] and then copy that link.

  5. Now you will want to go to the Link Generator tab.

  6. Go to the Link Generator section, And paste the link you copied in the Specific Website Page to generate your referral link and then click on Generate Link Button.

  7. Now you got your affiliate link which you will use to promote that product you chose to promote.

  8. That’s it.

“Ok…so how do I start making money now?”

Yep, we know that’s why you are here.
Getting started as an affiliate can feel a bit overwhelming.
You may feel like a “nobody” at first.
But, remember that everyone started out that way.
All you need’s a little bit of guidance.
So, we have created a Free Training Series to help get you started!

>> Click Here to Begin

This is an easy , quick how-to on one among the absolute best ways to begin making a reputation for yourself in the EpicEarn Community.
As you’ll determine , a number of the massive launches that happen on EpicEarn are limited to affiliates who have already made a particular amount of sales.

Don’t worry. We’ll show you exactly the way to make your first sales so you’ll eventually be a part of the massive launches also .

>> Go Here To Start Out The Training Series

We promise it’s really simple and you’ll feel like we gave away a valuable secret. But, the reality is that we wish to provide you each possible tool we can to guide to your success.

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